Fix the Backspace Key, damn the Web Browser Programmers!

What ahole decided that the backspace key should back up one webpage?

I do not remember when some buttmuncher changed all web-browsers so that we would lose hours of work every year.  Since the first commercially successful typewriters were produced, the backspace did something amazing and simple; it backed up one space.  Then, 150 years later some web-browser programmers changed the backspace key function to have your web-browser go back one page.  I guess they did not know that control+left-arrow would do that; or the ‘go back’ button on the top left of the window.

But we can undo this stupidity!

Fixing Google Chrome

Proof that Google knows how stupid their programmers are, is that they have a ‘plug-in’ for Google Chrome!  is and makes it very easy to prevent this insanity.

It is a very simple, very quick fix.  Just click here for the Google Chrome BackStop on the Chrome website.  Just follow the directions and you will be done in a minute or maybe even less.

Fixing Firefox

This is even simpler than the google Chrome fix!  The fix is built right into firefox.

1.  Open a new tab in firefox.  You will do the fix in that tab, while leaving this tab open so you can come back and read the instructions if you need to.

2. In the address bar of firefox, type in about:config

3. Firefox might give you some warnings, if so, you may want to read them.

4. When the ‘about:config’ tab opens, there will be a ‘search box’ at the top of the page.   Type ” backspace ” in that search box (without the quotes.)

5. You should now see the option “browser.backspace_action”

6. Double-click “browser.backspace_action; a box will pop up that says “Enter integer value”

7. Change the 0 to 2 and click ok.

8. You are now done 🙂

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