John Northern Solves Zeno’s Paradox

For nearly 2500 years, scientists, mathematicians and philosophers have worked to solve Zeno’s paradox. Finally, John Northern, scientist and philosopher, has found the answer to the conundrum.

HENDERSON, Nev., Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — John Northern, an amateur scientist and philosopher, has solved Zeno’s paradox, which no one thought would ever be solved.  In the ancient past, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle tried to solve the paradox without success. And recently, mathematicians, using calculus, have also tried to solve the paradox, but this method has fallen short.

In order to solve the paradox, two new phrases have been created by John Northern: “Ispace” and “Tspace”. Ispace is a non-dimensional, imaginary space. Tspace is a three-dimensional reality where all things real exist. These terms have proven to be essential for solving the paradox.

To read the description of Zeno’s Paradox, to find out more about the new terms, and to discover how the paradox was solved, you can read the essay written by John Northern at The essay is short, approximately 2500 words, and it is easy to read. There are no complicated scientific expressions involved.

To read the free essay, click on “Zeno” in the left lower corner of the site’s home page, or follow this link: About John Northern: John Northern dabbles in science, loves philosophy, and writes eBooks mostly science fiction and fantasy.

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