Steppir BigIR – Updates on my failures

It has now been a little over one year since my last repair on the Steppir BigIR with 80m coil kit.

ZERO problems in this time 🙂

As I posted one year ago, I have taken steps to ‘eliminate’ VHF parasitics from getting to the antenna. First, I installed the Richard Measures parasitic elimination kit. The second big thing is I try very hard to always remember to switch in the Nye Viking MB-VA antenna tuner.

Using the antenna tuner, tuned for 80 m (sometimes 75m) ensures that if there were any further instances of parasitic oscillation in my amplifier, that they would be attenuated about 30 dB or more.

I think that after a year of flawless operation, that I can now safely say that there are no design deficiencies in the antenna and that all of my problems were due to VHF parasitics.

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