“The Future” of Experimental Radio

Do you remember a few times in your life thinking that someone might be thinking what your are thinking?

Though we are at the bottom of the worst sunspot cycle  in my life (6 decades) I still check the higher bands before I warm up the key.  Many times throughout 2018 when I checked to see if 10, 12, or, 15 meter bands were open I would not hear a single CW signal but there would be multiple +20 signals amongst the “digital” frequencies. 

Shouldn’t +20 dB from stations that brag about being able to run less than 5 watt be proof that the band is open?  Yes!   So I call CQ for 15 minutes and not a single reply.  How could this be? 

I occasionally pondered various hypotheses. 

Today, I accidentally discovered that Kirk Kleinshmidt had written a very good explanation of this situation in early 2018.  The article has been posted, with permission, by EI5DI.   Did Joe Taylor K1JT Destroy Amateur Radio?


Commenting on “The Future” email

I have received this email, or very similar, several times this year.  Obviously written by someone (or someoneS) that do not have basic understanding of physics, electricity, etc.
My comments are in red.

Very Interesting future Predictions

Pick your job carefully if your (you’re) young

The Future  ??

Auto repair shops will go away.

So did “muffler shops”

A gasoline engine has 20,000 individual parts.  I do not believe that number, I would believe 2,000 
An electrical motor has 20. (another number I do not believe.  Have you ever opened up an electric motor? ) Electric cars are sold with lifetime guarantees and are only repaired by dealers.
It takes only 10 minutes (I do not believe that number) to remove and replace an electric motor. Faulty electric motors are not repaired in the dealership but are sent to a regional repair Read More