$90,000 fine for interfering with AM / FM radio

Adopted: May 23, 2017 Released: May 23,2017
By the Acting Chief, Enforcement Bureau:
1. The Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) of the Federal Communications Commission has entered into a Consent Decree to resolve its investigation into whether AFX, Inc. (AFX or Company) marketed radio frequency devices that were unauthorized under

the Commission’s rules and caused interference with AM/FM radio reception. These regulations ensure that radio transmitters and other electronic devices meet certain standards andcomply with the Commission’s technical requirements in order to prevent harmful interference from occurring once devices are marketed to the public. To settle this matter, AFX will implement a compliance plan to ensure that it adheres to the Commission’s rules and will pay a $90,000civil penalty.

2. After reviewing the termsof the Consent Decree and evaluating the facts before us, we find that the public interest would be served by adopting the Consent Decree and terminating the referenced investigationregarding AFX’s marketing of unauthorized radio frequency devices, and compliance with Section 302(b) of the Communications Actof 1934, as amended(Act),1 and Sections 2.803(b)(2), 15.107(a), and 15.109(a) of the Commission’s rules(Rules).2 3. In the absence of material new evidence relating to this matter, we do not set for hearing the question of AFX’s basic qualifications to hold or obtain any Commission license or authorization.3 4. Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that, pursuant to Section 4(i)of the Act4 and the authority delegated by Sections 0.111 and 0.311 of the Rules,5 the attached Consent Decree IS ADOPTED and its terms incorporated by reference.

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