RF Connectors; what frequency range for connector type?

Starting a new project and you are wondering what RF connector would be most appropriate? 

Found an interesting webpage that has a simple, quick, clear, chart which shows us the maximum frequency range for many types of RF coax connectors.

Click the link to get to the webpage for RF & Connector Technology webpage for connector frequency ranges.

How to select the proper fuse for your circuit

Found a good article on selecting fuses for your project on a website called “Power Electronics”

Here is a snippet from that article, listing the design factors explained in the article.

Proper selection of an input fuse for a dc-dc converter involves 
understanding and consideration of the following factors:
 1. Voltage Rating
 2. Current Rating
 3. Interrupting Rating
 4. Temperature Derating
 5. Melting Integral (I2t)
 6. Maximum Circuit Fault Current
 7. Required Agency Approvals
 8. Mechanical Considerations