RF Connectors; what frequency range for connector type?

Starting a new project and you are wondering what RF connector would be most appropriate? 

Found an interesting webpage that has a simple, quick, clear, chart which shows us the maximum frequency range for many types of RF coax connectors.

Click the link to get to the webpage for RF & Connector Technology webpage for connector frequency ranges.

Another possible cause of T.V.I. ?

“T V I” means Tele Vision Interference.  

The most common causes of TVI are bad powerline insulators, poorly designed LED bulb circuits, poorly designed transmitters.  And, sometimes, the receiver is just overloaded by a nearby strong transmitted signal.

I think I found another source of TVI when I stopped in Douglas, Wyoming and spotted this.

It’s just a cellphone snapshot, I wish I had a better image for you.   But in the center of the image you can see a UHF television receiver antenna….  and it is mounted directly to the radiating element of an 11 meter CB transmitter antenna.