Steppir Biggir Failed AGAIN !

At the beginning of February my Steppir Biggir with 80m coil kit failed again.

That was the bad news.

The good news is that we can learn from failure. I now know exactly what caused the damage, exactly what was going on when it happened. So I am now working on more improvements which I believe will be a permanent fix.

I will keep you all informed after I have completed thorough testing.

If you are interested in what I went through last year, start with this article “Repairing-a-steppir-biggir-vertical”

Because I had the antenna “down” (removed from its mounting post) I figured I would disassemble it quite a bit to inspect everything to see how it has been “aging.” This would also be a good time for any preventive maintenance. Looking on the internet for ideas, I found this interesting article by W4GKF.

W4GKF has developed a system that regularly, automatically, cleans the Steppir elements to ensure good contact from the feed ‘brushes’ to the copper tape. His technology can not be used on the vertical, but those of you with dipoles, beams, etc from Steppir may want to consider it.

You might think his solution is pricey, but heck, you already bought an expensive antenna because of the convenience and performance advantages. So I think W4GKF’s solution is priced well for the convenience it provides. Click this link to read about it.

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