RF Connectors; what frequency range for connector type?

Starting a new project and you are wondering what RF connector would be most appropriate? 

Found an interesting webpage that has a simple, quick, clear, chart which shows us the maximum frequency range for many types of RF coax connectors.

Click the link to get to the webpage for RF & Connector Technology webpage for connector frequency ranges.

$2,800,000 fine for bogus “amateur radio” transmitters for drones

June 5, 2018, the FCC announced a $2.8 million fine against Hobby King for repeatedly selling mis-identified un-certified transmitters.  The transmitters, mostly, were advertised for sending live video from unmanned aircraft back to the ground for viewing by the U.A.S. operator.

Hobby King misled website visitors into believing that these transmitters were compliant with FCC regulations for use by licensed Amateur Radio Operators.  The transmitters did not even operate on frequencies which are available to licensed operators!

The FCC had looked into the matter and corresponded with Hobby King in the past.  F.C.C. informed Hobby King that these devices were not compliant Read More